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They're Worth A Mention...

When talking to any guitar player about solos, the usual suspects will no doubt be brought up, from the harmonically rich solo in "Hotel California" played by the guitar duo of Don Felder and Joe Walsh, to Jimmy Page's display of virtuosity in "Stairway to Heaven".

In this article, I'm going to list five of my all-time favourite guitar solos at great risk to my personal well-being...

5. Home (01:48)

Artist/Band: Michale Buble
Solo Played by: Brian Green

Feel, feel feel! This solo is made of pure feel. It starts off small and never really gets any bigger, however, the attention it demands is what makes it the bit of musical gold that it is.

Brian Green's old school jazzy tone is exactly what this song cries out for. It is smooth and unobtrusive. His control is also worth noting. Each note sits beautifully among the instruments in the rhythm section as well as the string arrangement.

Each listen yields something new to appreciate.

4.Smells Like Teen Spirit (…