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How Clapton Became God

It's 1967 and Paul Mccartney has just woken up in his London home. He steps outside with his morning cuppa to survey the day. It's fairly cold, having rained the night before, so he wastes no time in returning to the comfort of his living room, but as he turns around he's halted by what he sees before him.

"Clapton is God" 
The three words are crudely marked onto the previously pristene white wall that surrounds his home. He shrugs and goes inside. When asked the following day how he planned on removing the graffiti, he replies, "I'm not going to remove it. I agree."
As it is the great man's 72nd birthday today, 30 March 2017, I feel it's time that we take a detailed look at Eric Clapton's 5 decade long career. What created the legend? How has he influenced music? Is his influence still present?
The Legend
"Clapton is God". These words are destined to be uttered by at least one person at a party as soon as 'Layla' or …

Five Of My Faves: Bassists

Ah, the bassist! The member of the band whose name is rarely remembered and who is often asked to stand at the back for photoshoots (see AC/DC's Highway To Hell album cover if you don't believe me).

I've always had a fascination with bass and the musicians who play the instrument. The unsung heroes. The guys and girls who lay the foundation for the rest of the musicians in the band to stand atop.

The bassist has always had a raw deal, particularly when it comes to Rock bands. Of course, a few exceptions have stood out over the years, Jack Bruce, Flea and Geddy Lee spring to mind, but I've always felt that these guys, although being world-class musicians, came to be recognized not due to their insane skills, but more for their charisma and on-stage antics.

So, this week, I'm paying respect to the largely uncelebrated masses by listing five of my all-time favourite bass players!

5. Cliff Williams (AC/DC)

Meat and potatoes. Never will you find a more solid, understate…